7 Ways to Kick Acne In The Butt Now


I have struggled with my skin since forever I went from a pimple here and there in my teen years to a full-blown marching band on my face at the age of 20. I have managed to stop the acne with the occasional pimple here and there. I have put together a list of things that worked for me a person who has stubborn skin, is prone to blemishes and doesn’t have those smooth skin genes everyone talks about.  Here are 7 things you must do if you want the acne gone.

  1. Stop thinking a dermatologist is your savior. I used to think that my dermatologist was the answer to all my skin problems and don’t get me wrong topical ointments, medicated washes and oral antibiotics can provide TEMPORARY relief but what happens as soon as you stop them your face may flare right back up I know mines did.  If you’re in your 30’s like me or any age for that matter and if you break out horribly during your menstruation cycle than guess what it might be a hormonal issue.  I know that my problem definitely was hormonal my face would explode a week prior to my period and then calm down right after it started. I would time my breakouts and stay inside the house I wish I would have done my research early so that’s why this information is so important to share.
  2. Food does matter I love cheese and Greek yogurt so this was hard for me but the mucus that is found in these products have a direct impact on our bodies.  If you don’t want to cut out completely then please bring it down to minimum on all dairy products. Start slow and then at some point you will find you don’t even want it as much. Same goes for junk food make it a reward meal instead of a daily habit.
  3. Natural supplements for clear skin. Everyone’s body is different what works for some may not work for others but I knew that I wanted only natural products. Things may less likely go wrong when you work with ingredients that are naturally formulated.  I looked up vitamins that were good for skin I came up with Vitamin E, DIM (diindolylmethane), Milk Thistle, Wasabi Root. Your list may be different from mine but I can assure you if you google products for clear skin these will come up. My endless pursuit led me to Delgado Protocol.  They are heaven-sent it saves money and time get all these great ingredients into one or two bottles.
  4. Throw those expensive cleansers and lotions away. I have a drawer full of drugstore products, expensive cleansers my dermatologist convinced me to buy from her office, televised products that did nothing but dry out my skin and the list goes on.  I highly recommend these three things Aloe Vera Gel and your favorite sunscreen and yes you need sunscreen now to protect your skin now and you will be grateful later.
  5. Adios HIIT workout. I know this is the end all be all of workouts and it gets maximum results with little time put in trust me I know but I also know that my skin was at its worst when I did those short intense workouts because it drastically increased my testosterone levels.  Go for longer cardio sessions ladies I know it’s annoying but for me it made a big difference and I still burned some good calories.
  6. Stop eating after 8 p.m.  Most of my favorite shows come on around 8 so it’s hard not to get comfy on the couch with a bowl of popcorn or chips w/dip but it’s time to stop eating big meals so late or snacking heavy.  Allow your body ample time to digest the food you have already put in for the day it has a direct impact on your skin.
  7. Don’t Stress.  There were days when I was stressed at work, annoyed with my personal life and outright worried about my finances well guess what I had to learn not to allow yesterday’s problems to be apart of today’s glory. There aren’t problems you guys there are solutions focus on that and the hard stuff won’t seem so tough to get through.  Every stressful moment bought on a new set of pimples for me;  cause and effect when I was calm so was my skin.  Don’t discount the little things.